What is RICE Treatment ?

The RICE technique is a relatively popular and well-known technique for managing the discomfort that comes with minor injuries. We thought we’d go over the method for those of you who may be less familiar with it. 

How to ease back pain

Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is perhaps the most common of all the areas where we might experience discomfort, aching or pain. However, neck pain and shoulder pain can come in at a close second. It is unfortunate for us humans that back pain is so common that practically every one of us will experience some form of pain at some point in our lives.

Treatment for Running Injuries

Running Injury Treatment

Millions of people pound the pavements every single day in the UK. Some enjoy running while others feel like they need to do it. Regardless of the reasons behind getting out there, it is an alarming fact that roughly half of all ‘regular’ runners develop at least one injury over the course of a year. While the majority of these running injuries are minor, some are very uncomfortable and without treatment can develop into something more serious. Therefore, it is imperative that if you are a runner (casual or serious) you have the best equipment available to help treat your potential injuries. Ice packs for injuries should be commonplace in your home if you go out running because everybody is only one missed step away from requiring ice packs!

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