Lower back pain is perhaps the most common of all the areas where we might experience discomfort, aching or pain. However, neck pain and shoulder pain can come in at a close second. It is unfortunate for us humans that back pain is so common that practically every one of us will experience some form of pain at some point in our lives.

Back pain is the most common reason why employees take time off work. Although lower back pain and discomfort along your spine can be uncomfortable and be the cause of much pain, usually it is not serious. Back pain happens because we have either had several hours or days of bad posture or we may have tweaked one of the many muscles, ligaments or tissues that make up the back.

Back Pain in Sport

Sports injuries are another common cause for back pain and can affect athletes, particular where there are many twists and sudden movements in their given sport. An athlete that has been injured may use ice packs to reduce swelling or heat packs to keep muscles warm and flexible. A cold muscle in the body will tear easily, so if you are ever considering doing a spot of gardening or some housework or light exercise, it is very important you warm up beforehand.

Cold muscles can tear like a wet tissue and the pain can be intense. A muscle that has warmed up will act with more flexibility and less prone to injury. Lower back pain can affect anyone who may be in the sports arena, doing a spot of DIY, gardening, dancing or just generally standing around in one spot for too long.

Back Pain Treatments

Painkillers like paracetamol or aspirin can usually relieve short-term back pain, providing you have not had the pain for more than six weeks. Anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen can also be very effective and it can reduce the swelling in muscles or tissues located in the back, particularly following sports injuries. Heat packs or ice packs can also be effective in keeping down the swelling and help to ease the pain.

Trying to relax is an important factor in reducing lower back pain. Muscular tension is exacerbated when someone is tense and worried about the pain in their back. Exercise more often to strengthen back muscles, particularly with cardio-vascular workouts. A strong muscle will give you less back pain than a weak muscle would.